Knock Knock Education programme has been touring drama schools, Colleges and universities in the UK and abroad,
and is all packed and ready to visit your organisation.

Book a three-hour theatre experience for your drama students. This includes:

1. Drama Workshop
2. Performance
3. Q&A Session

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‘Let there be light’ - creating a vivid universe on the empty stage

Led by Niv Petel, the creator and performer of Knock Knock, the participants will explore in the workshop a few of the practical tools used in mono-dramas to create a 'whole universe' on the minimalist stage; From building the physicality of your character, to bringing to life the other characters and the surroundings.  Solo performers, are often being 'sentenced' to Minimalism due to financial and logistical reasons, and it becomes a forging force of their piece. The lack of theatrical elements, such as light, sound, set, costumes and... other actors, can be turned into a strength by recruiting the audience members to join forces with the performer, and complete the missing parts of the picture in their imagination.  They just need a bit of encouragement…  Principals from the fields of Mime, Physical Theatre, Method Acting, Dramatic Writing, and even from Brain Science are brought together to create the world of the play up to the tiniest detail.

Knock Knock at your venue

A performance of Knock Knock at your venue, whether it’s a theatre or a classroom (please contact to discuss technical requirements). By watching the show after participating in the workshop, the students will be able to identify different skills and tools used in it, and appreciate their contribution to the piece.

Post-show discussion with Niv and the students

The post-show Q&A session will allow the students to ask questions about the creative process of the piece and the themes it deals with. It is also a good opportunity to make connections between the different compartments of the day, and to discuss artistic choices and production methods.

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